BCL BioCell is an entrepreneurial company which is currently led by a successful and visionary founder. This extraordinary founding leadership spearheads the company through unparalleled domestic and international growth.

Mr. Allan Chan ( Founder )
He has a passion to develop advanced high technology, quality health and beauty products. He accomplished a strategic alliance with BCL of Switzerland, and initiated the formation of BCL BioCell Laboratory SA to facilitate the transfer of bio-pharmaceutical technology to Malaysia for commercialization as well as enhancing research capabilities of the two nations. The research was focused on the development of phytonutrients product range. There are five main groups of phytonutrients in the current commercial market, namely vitamin E; carotenoids; flavonoids; isoflavones and phytosterols.

BCL BioCell, together with its Swiss counterpart BCL Biocell Laboratory SA, is now able to execute constant research of new concepts, new molecules and even new packaging, and is able to continuously supply to consumers, products that are at the peak of technological progress.
Ms. Vivian Liu ( Co-Founder )
She has more than 13years experience in field of research in bio-pharmaceutical technology. For the same passionate with Mr. Allan Chan (Founder), she is the Co-Founder that accomplished strategic alliance with BCL Biocell Laboratory SA to develop advanced high technology, quality health and beauty product.
Switzerland Expertise
Switzerland has a long history of success in the life sciences. The quality of research here has led to some extraordinary new products and research and development

BCL BioCell Group have a group of professors from University de France collaboration with University of Geneva to undertake research projects for future product pipeline.

BCL BioCell Group develop a new product concept and adapt with Swiss biotechnology, and able launch a first-to-market innovation.

With global partnerships and technical services professionals in locations across the world, our global presence enables us to stay at the forefront of emerging customer needs and solutions.

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